A place where time stood still

Journey back to a time that was long forgotten. The Indigenous Peoples Village at Codrington College; the first of it’s kind in the Caribbean, is a testament to the resilience of the indigenous tribe known as Arawaks.

The village sits on the rugged east coast on the Island of Barbados, it was conceptualized as a place where the Arawaks could contribute to communities by exhibiting their many craft & leather-working techniques utilizing local raw materials.

Something for everyone

There are facilities in place to offer workshops for the disabled community; by teaching leather-craft and other skills, disabled persons will be able to contribute to their communities in a meaningful way.

Workshops are also being offered to primary schools and interested adults; we will be offering leather craft classes, guided tours along the East Coast of Barbados, and a hands-on approach to learning the history of the Arawak tribe and the methodology of their creative processes.