artisanal workers

Experience leather-crafting & pottery first hand from the skilled workers at the village.

They will show you all aspects of their process and you can interact with them and their products which will be for sale to tourists and locals alike.

There are many opportunities to observe the industrious workers or if you prefer; you can relax and have lunch at the village. 

Stay for lunch

Enjoy local delicacies made fresh daily by our talented artisans at the Barbados Indigenous Village Restaurant. Enjoy Cocktails at the bar or relax in the lounge area in the village that time stands still.  

Menus are seasonal so expect it to change as local produce becomes more available. Call or message us for info on any of our menu items.

book your event

Want to use the Indigenous Peoples Village to host your event? Inquire about having your weddings; workshops, social events, parties or any other event in the picturesque setting on the East Coast of Barbados.