Primary & Secondary Schools

We offer workshops that train students in the art of leather-craft. They will learn skills that can be further developed, assisting them to be contributing members of society within the Barbados Skilled Workers Industry. 

This will also allow them to travel freely to CARICOM nations as skilled workers, as they would have acquired the knowledge to sustain a livelihood with leather-craft or pottery. 

A culture revitalized

We hope to ignite everyone’s interest  in  Indigenous customs to reaffirm a solid place in Caribbean culture. 

We would like the world to acknowledge that we are part of the first nations in the Caribbean and we are not all lost in the history books. 

There are many tribes still in existence in South America & the Caribbean and we would like to share our ways with you in hopes that our culture may instill a new understanding for indigenous people in the Caribbean and the rest of the world.

the diasabled community

We have been given permission to start work-shops involving disabled persons in Barbados.

We are willing to help them learn skills & techniques to be craftsmen and women who will feel pride in knowing they can produce sustainable goods and services in their communities.

We will also be accepting volunteers to assist us with work-shops and events.